WISHBONE (2018 -2019)

Wishbone was an interpretation of how we live as humans. The wishbone is an oddly-shaped forked bone located right between the neck and breast of a bird.  Originally seen by the Romans as a symbol of luck. A chicken wishbone would be snapped apart by two people while they were each making a wish. The person holding the longer piece was said to have good fortune or a wish granted. If the bone cracked evenly in half, both people would have their wishes come true.

While I was reading up on it, I started to wonder what kind of wishes did we consume in order to continue to live. Did every animal that we consume had a wish of their own that we eat away at in order to continue our own dreams of living. Does a physical body look different when the wish within it has been extinguished? If so, what is the difference. Hence this project was dedicated to study these differences.

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