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This was a rather interesting encounter for me. One of my students had looked at me and claimed that a song that she was going to introduce to me had the same "Vibe" as me. This prompted a nearby student to try to "see" my vibe. He claimed he could do this by framing me in a window using his hands. Fascinated I asked him to try.

To many adults, this is might sound like nonsense " What do you mean you can see the vibe of a person?" 

There is no proof that this phenomenon can exist in this world. I think about how people had treated Kandinsky's claim that he had "Synethesia" ( a condition that allows a person to see sound as waves of color). Regardless of how famous Kandinsky became eventually, his claim to Synthesia alway remain a claim.

Perhaps like Kandinsky, my student's claim to seeing a person's vibe will always remain a claim. But let's not be too quick to dismiss fantastical claims. After all, math and science are still evolving. With every year of research and discovery we find ourselves debunking new things. 

Therefore, when someone claims or believe in something, we might not see it but that doesn't mean it's not real.

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