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The little red boat. (2016)

Watercolour on paper

The little red boat is a piece on the journey of a person in life, infinitely alone and full of self discovery. It highlights the singularity in this journey that all of us embark on regardless from the minute we come into conscious existence.

The little red boat was created out of my realization of how lonely teaching can be sometimes. Like my students, I was faced with a sea of information and knowledge, and I was expected to know my content however this acquisition of information as I started my teaching practice was a road that I took alone. The work sort of reflected those feelings at that point in time.

The Little Red Boat was the first work that I exhibited after I entered the working world. It was one of the 20 works picked to be exhibited at Aedge (Art Educators' Developmental & Generative Explorations) 2016.

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