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Understanding the pain-point of our existing users

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How it all started.

Circumstances: Using Heuristic Evaluation and User research to understand the gaps of an existing application 

Initial starting point: A big part of why I chose this app was truly because I had a lot of problems with it when I forgot to bring my IC to the library one day. The app boast of it's ability to let you borrow books via the e-library card and I found myself sitting at the corner of the library with my stack of books for a long times tryingto get into the application and failing multiple times due to my goldfish memory for passwords. 

A small caveat for this project: During the research into this application I discovered that the app was linked extensively to other apps in order to support many of its’ extended functions (all Online-type services. Eg reading etc). In order to scope the project to something more manageable, much of the subsequent changes and user testing focused mainly on what the app supported independently .

Research Methodology: Heuristic Evaluations + Round 1 of User Testing/Interviews

From the Heuristic Evaluations done 3 major issues were found:

Login process

For many users is daunting and complicated, due to multiple points of reroutes.

User account

While the User account’s information and layout of the various functions could be redesigned to facilitate ease of use.

Heuristic Evaluations


Key functions are not obvious, leading to much apprehension and uncertainty at times when users use the app.

Proposed changes to the Application: Login

Original process route to get into the app if you forget your password.

Screenshot 2021-11-29 at 5.39.22 AM.png

With further discovery it was discovered that the login process was terrible for users simply because there was just too many routes given to users to reset their password, each alternative route given expected users to remember up to 3 different passwords in order to sign in to the app.

  1. NLB ID




  5. NRIC

    1. Phone

    2. Email

  6. DOB

Proposed process

Screenshot 2021-11-29 at 5.46.40 AM.png

The proposed processed aims to cut the amount of loops the app makes users go through by directly linking the account with the users's mobile number or email. Below shows the changes in overall rating from a UT before and after the proposed change was implemented.

Screenshot 2021-11-29 at 5.54.39 AM.png

Proposed changes to the Application: Account Management

Testers had face some kind of hiccup when using their account.

  • Choosing the wrong account icon for the wrong functions.

  • Unsure of whether they have gone to the right account to execute certain functions.

  • Made mistakes when using the account due to poor system signalling.

  • Certain good features designed into the account overlooked by users.

Screenshot 2021-11-29 at 5.54.22 AM.png

Proposed Changes

To allow users to see their account from the get go instead of hiding the profile information, focus the profile on actionable items the user can do.  Below shows the changes in design after 3 rounds of user testing. 

Landing screen.png
Screenshot 2021-11-29 at 6.34.21 AM.png
iPhone 8 - 14.png

Proposed changes to the Application: Aesthetic elements

Rationale: Design considerations like use of color/shapes/elements were too repetitive at times resulting in user confusion when using the application.

The proposed changes brought key buttons for users to take action upfront. There was also uses of color and imagery to help users identify information that would be important to them.

Screenshot 2021-11-29 at 6.35.54 AM.png
Screenshot 2021-11-29 at 6.36.04 AM.png
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