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Memorium is a story not so much on a mutated plant but more so on the idea of how humans crave for absolute control over the environment, the work was a cross between analyzing how almost all aspects of nature, even what we deem as beautiful has been somewhat manipulated by the perception of a few.

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The story starts off with Memorium realizing or actually being identified as an anomaly in an otherwise normal rose farm. She quickly realizes that she is an unwelcome addition to an otherwise homogeneous environment.

When she is discovered, she is sold quickly to the museum of freaks, where everything that isn't part of the homogeneous society is kept as a means of entertainment for the rest of the society, a little bit like how we have created multiple zoos that is peppered across the world.

Here we find Memorium depressed, unable to accept her reality. And in her depressive state she starts to wilt.

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Unknown to her the exhibits of the museum is fed up with their way of life and her predicament serves as a reminder of the state that they are in as well. Seizing the opportunity of a distracted guard, the exhibitions successfully escape in the middle of the night. With her in tow as well, while the story ends here it leaves the readers hoping that the end for all these unique individuals is a good one.

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