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(Experential Lesson Guide)

Han Sai Por



Han is probably best known for her stone sculptures with organic forms; she sees her sculpture has having "a force or inner life inside struggling to get out". Having a preference for granite and marble, she has said: "Stone is one of my favourite materials. In the erosion of rock by wind and water are found original, vital qualities which express the significance of life." Han often purchases stone using her own resources from quarries in China, Italy, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.

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Reasoning behind the choices of activity

The driving concept behind this activity is  to help the students glean a better understanding of the driving force which pushes the artist to create her work. It also aims to let them come to a realization how disconnected they are from the environment while living in the city.

ACTIVITY 1: Lying on the grass

Students were asked to lie down on a grass patch for 5 mins, without their socks or shoes. They were asked the following questions before starting on the activity.

Write down your attempts to connect with nature. Was it successful or unsuccessful? why?

What were some of the questions that pop into your mind as you were doing this activity?


ACTIVITY 2: Discussing about Han Sai por

This part of the lesson brings in the artist, her practice and her artworks to create a link between the experience and the understanding of Art and Art practice.

ACTIVITY 2.5: Creating works of Art

The last part of the lesson is a post-lesson activity that aims to help the student consolidate his/her learning as well as to create an opportunity for students to express their view point through art practice.

Using only natural material you have found, create a piece of work that:

Represents how you feel about your personal 'connection' with nature.

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